CCAC Founder Comments on ALDA Lawsuit

Lauren Storck is one of the most vocal and creative advocates for captioning. She founded Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), one helluva cool initiative. Try it, you’ll like it (link below). Here’s what Lauren had to say when she learned of ALDA’s lawsuit against Cinemark:

“Bravo, ALDA! for actioning this strong advocacy for inclusion of captioning at movies. It’s so important for millions. Our volunteer advocacy group, the CCAC, is having great discussions about similar actions around the country, and advocacy for captioning at theater performances also. Beyond entertainments, full equal access with quality real-time text is needed for education, employment, and health care, to name only a few other important places. We like to say that captioning speaks to us all! Join the CCAC to support this, your voices are needed.”

One response to this post.

  1. Hi Bill and we sure hope your blog takes off – your style is enjoyed by many! By the way, the CCAC also has a blog – though few are using it yet – so let’s link soon :-). The CCAC Blog is Yet we really, really want folks with serious interest to JOIN the CCAC membership group – that’s where the action is and the CCAC membership form is on our website. CCAC mission is advocacy for inclusion of quality captioning universally and we are all volunteers.


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