A Captioning Salute to a Chicago Cubs Legend

Ron Santo, longtime Chicago Cubs player and broadcaster, died last week. Santo was a really good player–although my father insisted he only hit during his “salary drive” in September when the Cubs were 60 games out of first place–and a schmaltzy broadcaster; nobody questioned his courage and grace, exemplified by how he dealt with his violently debilitating diabetes, which ultimately resulted in amputation of both his legs. Somewhere between the time he left the baseball field and the time he arrived at the field of the Lord he became a Chicago legend, nine times more celebrated than when he wore number 9 for the most futile baseball club of all time.

Santo’s funeral the other day was quite remarkable–a solemn, poignant church service and gawkers-heavy funeral procession rivaling that of a pope: Holy Name Cathedral….Michigan Avenue….WGN Studios….and finally Wrigley Field. As this all occurred the Chicago Tribune gave an online play-by-play of the drama. This was clearly Chicago’s most difficult day since losing their 2016 Olympics bid.

In any case, during the just-mentioned solemn, poignant church service a hymn was sung with a line that went (according to my hearing wife): “In my body I shall look upon God my Savior.” The captioning on television rendered this somewhat differently. I’ll not reveal the broadcasting network to protect the guilty CART writer, but the captions read: “In my Police Department I shall look upon God my Savior.”

What a classic send-off. What would a Cubs event be like without an egregious blooper? As Jack Brickhouse, another Cubs broadcaster, whose bust stands alongside Tribune Tower (true story) might say: “Hay! Hay!” Whoops. There’s another.

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  2. Posted by Kim F on December 13, 2010 at 1:39 am

    Wow, they weren’t even close with the captioning. Must have had something else on their mind.


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